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Team Refcoins

We are a young and dynamic tech team based in Sri Lanka. We have completed challenging app and web development projects for our clients with a flawless level of care and trust. Our main goal is to simply tech solution process and to provide web and app solutions for our valued clients.

Founder's note

I, Arsiri Boyagoda, take great privilege in establishing a digital services company with the mission of creating a dynamic team that’s willing to face tech challenges of tomorrow in the year 2019.We are young at heart and curious to learn and grow with the latest technologies which will undoubtedly bring solutions, that will enhance the growth of our valued clients.As a start-up, we have had the privilege of providing our services to top-tier institutions and their recommendations have helped us grow from strength to strength.I’m incredibly proud of my team and their work ethic and for the curiosity, they show to learn and improve. I’m a believer that with such fundamentals and ethics we can become a renowned digital solutions brand  in the world.

The values.

We value best practices in the tech industry. We strive to achieve that in every solution we deliver as a team. This type of work ethic is what made us grow from strength to strength. Rest assured these values are the key essence in Refcoins, in finding solutions for future tech challenges. 


Trust is the foundation of any successful startup. It is the key to building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Trust is essential in establishing credibility, fostering collaboration and ultimately driving business growth.


Being open and honest with your customers, partners, and employees are crucial. This includes being transparent about your company’s goals, values, and processes as well as any challenges or setbacks you may face.


Keeping lines of communication open and providing timely, accurate information is key to building trust. This includes listening to customer feedback and addressing any concerns or issues promptly.

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Colombo, LK

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